Lilies are one of the beautiful flowers, and its aura is classic and versatile. You can send this flower on your relationship anniversary, and it will surely make some space in the heart of your loved one. These flowers were found 2400 years ago, and they are known as a majestic flower. So here are some of the interesting facts about the colour, meaning, and symbolism.

In different cultures, these colours have different meanings. But they are mainly representing love, passion, and purity of the relationship.

Pink Lilies

This is the colour of admiration, understanding, and femininity. You can send these flowers to your mother, sister, or aunt on the special event. It is one of the fancy flowers which look amazing in Pink colour. The fragrance of this flower is heavenly which will change the mood of the receiver.

White Lilies

White is usually known for loyalty and purity. So this colour represents modesty and purity. By sending this flower, you are telling someone that you are with them in every situation. In the wedding, this color is depicting the true love and a long relationship. It is also giving the message of love and commitment.

Purple Lilies

Purple lilies mean success, admiration, and dignity; this color is also connected with royalty. This color is not available too much, and we can also consider it an exclusive flower. You can send these flowers to loved ones to admire them and to show them your love.

Orange Lilies

Orange lilies are brighter in color, and it means confidence, satisfaction, warmth, and energy. It is one of the vibrant colors of lilies. You can send it when you achieve a milestone of the relationship. You can also send it to someone you respect and want to give honour.

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